SAAR Welfare Foundation


SAAR Welfare Foundation is of the opinion that every child should be treated equally, given equal opportunities to grow and reach their full potential. Our main objectives include:

Child Education

Supporting and encouraging secondary and higher studies through community education. We strongly believe that education is not just a right but a basic necessity for one and all. A child should be able to choose what they want to do career wise, and lack of means to study force them to take up petty jobs. Our aim is to be able to provide free and age appropriate education and knowledge to as many children as we can because we understand that a huge population of our country lives in poverty and considers their basic rights as privileges. Education is important to children because it helps them learn how to think critically, it enhances their creativity and imagination, it will expose them to new ideas, and it helps the child find the path to a career that they wish to pursue as an adult.

Quality Education

Building a strong base for children through properly equipped and productive anganwadi centres. We are making an effort to teach these children in the environment that they’re most comfortable in, but with better equipment and furniture so they can understand how to make their own surroundings better. We don’t want to limit them to just classroom education but make them well aware of the importance of sports, art, music and other extracurriculars that can help them grow mentally and emotionally. We don’t want them to restrain themselves from the possibilities because of the limitations that their backgrounds come with, our aim is to provide them as much exposure as possible.

Knowledge of Rights

Educating children about their basic rights including education, play and leisure, access to cultural activities, information, as well as freedom of speech. Children generally do not vote and do not traditionally take part in political processes. Without special attention to the opinions of children – as expressed at home and in schools, in local communities and even in governments – children's views go unheard on the many important issues that affect them now or will affect them in the future. Our aim is to make them aware of their rights, importance of their opinions and shape them into individuals who can think productively and act accordingly.

Learning Environment

Sensitizing children about issues like child abuse, child marriage, gender equality and educating them about the importance of proper hygiene and mental health. Children are vulnerable and it is important that they get the right knowledge so they can shape into adults with good moral values and a healthy environment. Our aim is to make them aware of sensitive issues such as child marriage and child abuse which are very much prominent in our country, they’re the one who’ll change our country and with a little nudge in the right direction, we hope for a better and brighter future. We believe mental health is just as important because at an individual level, mental health promotion focuses on increasing emotional resilience and reducing vulnerability to mental health problems through the development of personal skills and self esteem which lead to an increased capacity to cope with life transitions and stresses.