SAAR Welfare Foundation

Our Team


Our team consists of people from diverse age groups and backgrounds. We strongly believe that we all learn from whomever we meet and wherever we go. So with that thought in mind we have put together a very interesting model of learning, where anyone and everyone is a teacher. Anybody who can teach these children a skill, a rhyme or even just engage them with storytelling, we welcome them with open arms! We don’t believe that there’s any age limit for teaching these children so a school student is as much invited as the head of a company.


Sarrthak Chiripal

The founder and the brains behind SAAR Welfare Foundation, believes that all children should have access to the same opportunities regardless of their background. He is determined to provide children with the best of not just academics, but also sports and co-curricular activities that he believes are necessary for the all- round development of a child. He is future- oriented and focused on making children independent in order to not fall into the vicious cycle that limits them from choosing their line of profession. His idea is to make children aware of their self- worth by providing them the appropriate direction for a safe and secure future.


Kashish Behal (Aabha)

Kashish Behal (Aabha)

Kashish Behal, one of our founder teachers, is committed to providing students with good education as well as good manners. She has been consistently making students aware of the importance of good hygiene and behavior, which is essential for their core development. She believes in the individuality of each student and encourages them to focus on their personal growth.

Binti Sharma

A founder teacher of SAAR Welfare Foundation, is determined to make students realize the importance of a focused and driven behavior which can guide them on the correct path for their future. She believes academics and co- curricular activities go hand in hand for the extensive development of a child. Her motivation is the idea of seeing every child fascinated by books and sports alike.